The simple answer is yes. A vehicle owner spends a healthy amount of funds on engine service and maintenance. The car finish is a vital part of your vehicle. And one of the most unnoticed items concerning maintenance is, sadly, the car’s finish. A lot of car owners take their car to the automatic car wash to get the vehicle cleaned up. Though, some might not realize that it’s also responsible for their car finish getting damaged. Over time, after multiple uses of the full-service car wash, drivers find there is significant damage to their vehicle’s finish? Why?

Does car wash damage your vehicle’s finish?
Here is what we have found to be true

An automatic car wash is a great way to save time on washing the vehicle yourself, but in reality, car owners are doing harm to their cars. While most car washes do try to do the best for your car, there is some disparity in the types of solvents a car wash uses. Any time you clean your vehicle – even if they are cautiously hand washing it – they are essentially applying abrasive, harsh chemicals to the finish of the car increasing the risk of scratches and swirls in the finish. That spells bad news for your car’s paint.
But the good news is that if you make careful methods you can reduce the degradation of your car’s finish. Plus, most modern vehicle finishes applied at the factory setting include a top coating that’s extremely durable and should hold up for at least ten years.
It is also vital to note that the efficiency of a vehicle wash varies; it is all depending on the combination of a car model, type, and the cleanliness of the car wash. Use your best judgment when deciding which car wash is good for your car, and how many problems they have had in the past. Go to Google reviews and find the particular car wash you’re thinking of washing at.
Find car detailers in your area and ask them. It doesn’t hurt to ask a question. However, most of them will suggest only hand washing your vehicle.

Things To Consider When Hand Washing

Even with hand washing there are risks to your finish. Using the same tools all of the time like a sponge to wash the car’s painted surfaces, wheel well and tires is a common mistake. Always use a new non abrasive sponge or microfiber when hand washing your vehicle. Always take care of your microfibers as well, rinsing and washing them thoroughly after you’re done.

Summing Up…

If you have a proper place to do your own car washing, Wwe recommend doing the car washing yourself to keep your car’s finish looking its best. Go to the local store and purchase a couple of buckets, microfiber towels, and fine-quality car wash soap (without harsh chemicals). Take a Sunday morning by yourself, or with your children and make your car washing fun. Think of it like learning a new skill.
Also, before you wash take a look at your vehicle paint sometime out in the sunlight. If you see scratches and swirls, those could have been caused by the car wash if that is the only method you have used to clean your car. If you do see any scratches, take it to a certified professional to have those removed. Some car detailers are so good, they can make your car look new again. Finally, if you have recently washed your car and feel it’s past the point of reviving the finish, let the experts at Tender Car give you the best paint job your car could ever want.