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At Tender Car we are committed to making your repair experience as hassle-free and positive as possible. Getting dependable transportation while your vehicle is being fixed is very important. We have several relationships with rental car companies from Enterprise to Hertz. We also have our own vehicles. We will get you into a loaner or rental immediately whenever possible. They range in price from $15 per day to $60 per day for large SUV or van. You should have full coverage insurance and a valid license when using a rental car. ​

When your vehicle is finished you can leave your rental car at Tender Car to pick up. All major rental companies pick up from our location.

If you're in an accident or having mechanical troubles with a loaner ​

  • 1) Please call us directly and ask to have your vehicle towed to Tender Car.
  • 2) You can Call us 24 hours and press option 1 to be connected with our tow company.
  • 3) We use Rays Towing 414-481-4355. Have your vehicle towed back to Tender Car.

Grubes 24 Hr Towing: 262-242-9971

Tell them to Tow Your Vehicle To Tender Car

Enterprise Downtown: 414-223-3720

Hertz Downtown : 414-272-8787