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Before you decide if you should get your car a paint job, ask your self the following:

How much do I love my car?

Can you see yourself in your current car for another 5 years?

Is the paint job a “treat-yourself” or will it increase your cars value?

Does your car have any damage?

We cover these questions and give you some facts so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to invest in new paint for your vehicle.

If you love your car, then getting it a nice new shiny coating is a no-brainer. However, if you use your car for just a daily commute, then you may think twice about getting it a new coat. We like to think of it this way, it somewhat depends on your personality. A lot of people like the reaction from others they get when they have nice shiny new things. Others don’t care if their car has that less-than-new look to it. In the end it boils down to how much is the paint job going to benefit the car itself.

For example, new paint isn’t going to fix these problems:

Rust spots

If you’ve lived in Wisconsin for a while, and your car is a little older, chances are you have some of the corrosion that occurs during the winter months and that could also be a deciding factor.

Above all, you have to decide what your budget is when choosing which type of new paint. Cost of painting a vehicle varies dramatically. The reason for this isn’t that the company painting your vehicle wants to charge you more, it’s that there are many types of paint to choose for your car. The type of vehicle painting depends on the chemical being used for the painting project.

Here are the chemical bases used in the paint just to give you an idea:

Acrylic Enamel
Acrylic Lacquer
Acrylic Urethane

There are also several types of Car Paint Finishes to choose from:

Solid Paint
Metallic Paint
Pearlescent Paint
Matte Paint

Not all collision centers and auto body painting service centers use the exact same types of paints and finishes. However, the types listed above will give you a solid foundation for your informed decision.

Having your car painted is an investment. Depending on your car, it actually could raise the resale value. but that varies considerably from maker to maker. With older cars, you have to decide if the actual cost of your car outweighs the value of the car itself. This is especially important if your car is 10 years old or older.

Most people don’t know all the details of a painting project. So there is one last factor to be aware of. An auto body shop has to take out the interior of the vehicle to complete your painting project. You will have to make sure you remove everything from the interior to insure nothing gets damaged. You may have dropped something below your seat from 5 months ago and just kept telling yourself on your daily commute, you would get it later. Well, now is the time to get those dropped items.

We will cover more on damage and your paint project in a later blog. Ok so your ready and you think you would like to get your vehicle painted, it doesn’t hurt to at least get an estimate of the cost and the benefits of a painting project. Call Tender Car Collision at 414-389-1014. We can help you make the decision by giving you the right facts for your particular vehicle.