After an accident, we are all used to visibly seeing the damage the other vehicle caused to your vehicle. This is evident in scratched paint, bent frame, a broken windshield or a lost bumper. However, what about the damage to your car or truck that you can’t see? How do auto body shops determine the underlying issues that could be dangerous to you and your family if not treated as well?

We are going to briefly go over some of the techniques we use to isolate these problems after an auto accident. Also, please always bring your vehicle to a professional after an auto accident to help understand the direct damage to your car.

The Technology Part

With all vehicles it is somewhat difficult to determine unseen damage. This is notably true with cars and trucks using ADAS or Automated Driver Assistance Systems because the sensors are often hidden. Newer cars do offer a lot of sensors to help decide what is going wrong with your systems. Some of these sensors are in the bumper and some are located throughout the body. Tender Car utilizes these sensors to run our diagnostic tests and find the hidden damage that might be detrimental to your cars future.

We start with a DTC during your initial diagnostic assessment. This procedure is a diagnostic trouble codes test that one of our technicians uses a scanner to perform. The scan runs through all of the features and programs that your car or truck has available and flags down and potential issues it finds. This gives our team the visibility it needs to start the job. Not all sensors are able to determine exactly where the hidden damage is. However, they give a good starting point even if the team has to find the rest by hand.


From us to you, if you’re in an accident always contact professionals to do your auto body work. There are many amateurs out there that promise to save you money, but we are a certified body shop that continuously trains and updates our technicians to the best job possible.