It’s that snow time of year again and although we love your business, staying out of accidents is better for everyone in the long run. Make sure you remove all of the snow from the blind spots on your vehicle and always make sure your car is in tip top shape. We put together some things we feel that you should always have with you in your vehicle.

First, we will give you a list of items and then we will explain why they are necessary for winter times.

  • A windshield ice scraper
  • A pocket knife or Leatherman utility tool
  • An energy saving LED light or flashlight
  • Cat Litter or chains (cat litter being the less expensive version of this item)

The obvious item is a windshield scraper. You will get snowed on and snow will accumulate on your vehicle. You will use this tool for your blind spots. Those blind spots could prevent a car accident or backing out into a foreign object.

A pocket knife or even a Leatherman are very useful for just about anything that comes your way. For example, cutting, digging, carving, protecting yourself.

You definitely should not leave your house without a proper LED lamp or light. These are energy saving and will last a long time if time is what you need in any given predicament. 

Okay so what is the cat litter for? I don’t have a cat. You will use this to put down on the snow to get you out of a small bank or some serious ice issue. Cat litter is just a better version of salt. Salt doesn’t always work right away. It has to melt the snow a little before it helps you get a grip on the road. Cat litter however, works right away to give you a solid grounding for your vehicle tires.

Some of the other items we did not include are a zero degree sleeping bag, a first aid kit, flares and some dry food in storage. All of these have a higher level of use that we hope you will not need. If you have to wait for assistance or get stranded far from civilization, all of these will be crucial for survival.